One of the advantages to indexing is that the start up costs are low.  In my opinion, the only necessities to getting started are a reliable computer, professional indexing software and (not entirely necessary) a printer.  Here at Jigsaw Indexing, we own a Canon Pixma ip100.  The travel size was a necessity for us.  It works great, but the ink gets costly.

Despite the low start up costs, there are many options to making the home office a much richer experience for the professional indexer.

For the first few years of my indexing life, I would print out every single page of the book I was working on.  Imagine the amount of paper I was using/wasting!  I dreamed of reusable paper.

And then I heard of a fancy little program for the iPad called iAnnotate.  I watched a few YouTube presentations and was sold.  I was convinved that the program, along with the device, would save not only countless trees, but also time and money in the long run.

While I have only had the iPad a few short months, it has made a world of difference in business.  I am more productive, as I don't have to wait for my pages to be printed, run out to buy more ink, and I am not sitting around with a big clunky printed book in my lap.  Really, it makes a difference.

The iPad is a powerful tool, and iAnnotate makes indexing a breeze.  While a computer is still needed in the process, the iPad cuts down on the time needed to be cooped up in your office.  It gives you a chance to do your work at the park, on the beach, or just about anywhere else you can imagine.  When I have a difficult time falling asleep, I can index for a few minutes while laying in bed.  While a paper copy also allows all of this, it really isn't as effective (or comfortable) sitting down with a manuscript as it is with the iPad.  They may be expensive, but they are well worth the price when used for such a task!